Brand Campaign

Maestro of brands  

Remember how Petronas festive ad campaign with its true Malaysian spirit became the talk of the nation? Or the "Got Milk?"campaign to encourage cow's milk consumption in America? Every brand campaign has a story to tell. An integrated brand campaign utilizes cost-effective media. Not just a print ad. It penetrates across all platforms like print and electronic media, out-of-home media (billboards), direct marketing (mailers, leaflets), digital and in-store promotions or events.

But how do you bring your story to all these media? Different media requires different copywriting. You can't put a twenty-word headline for a billboard. You canít write 2-page script for a 30-second radio commercial. You need the expertise of a copywriter who understands just how words work for all the different media. Hire a full-fledged ad agency and you'll be charged exorbitantly. But hire a creative consultant or copywriter, you'll get your brand story told in an emotionally engaging way - at a fee you can easily afford