Buzzer of buzzwords

Slogan and tagline have always been confused and used interchangeably. The confusion is further noted with headline, strapline and sign-off line. So which is which? Well, these are all catchphrases. Whether it is a tagline or a slogan, companies want to create waves for their brands. They expect copywriters to whip up slogan as iconic as Nike's "Just Do It". But did you know that ad agencies were paid over five- to six-figure US dollar for creating a slogan?

So why make it a cash cow for others when you can merely pay less for a good slogan? With our seasoned copywriters, you just don't get a slogan out of thin air. We chew your brand information. We distill what is important. We wear your audience hat. And we don't stick to conventional wisdom of slogan creation. We get out and ruffle some feathers - in a good way. Ultimately, we succeed in telling stories in just 3 to 5 words!