Baggage of Stories



Campaigns and words that transform brands


The Moxim House 

To turn an ordinary story of a company into an exciting story was quite a challenge. For The Moxim House, I found the ideal idea, its battlecry, “Battle of the Wits”. The story made history when it became part of the contributing factors that led to The Moxim House winning the prestigious A+M’s Best Production Agency of the Year 2016 (Bronze).



Wikiplacenta is a website dedicated to educating consumers everything they want to know about placenta. It is factual and no-nonsense to give the website a professional tone and manner. The website is created  to attract advertisers and further put CellLabs on top of the google search


Travel 3Sixty Magazine

I am two-time winner of Best Article of The Month in Travel3Sixty, AirAsia's inflight magazine. My first article, "Pattaya At Play" which was featured in the March 2016 issue told the story of Pattaya dazzling by day and sizzling by night. My other winning article, "Myanmar Marvels" was featured in the February 2017 issue.


Focus Malaysia magazine

My article about gap year in education appeared on Focus Malaysia's education supplement, Top-Class. For this article, I have interviewed quite a number of people, from students, parents to academicians. Did they agree with the Government's new policy of allowing gap year among students? Read on..


Francis Yip's BNI Business Showcase

I created a series of mind-blowing teaser ads to attract facebook audience to my presentation. I decided to go wild with interesting ideas fit for a creative adman.

Teaser Ad 5 is Malaysia's first ever e-digital logistic solution provider. To convince the target audience to subscribe its services, I proposed an international and professional looking copy and layout. Using "e-" as the concept, the entire copy was built around this idea.



fazalow page 2

K.A. Tan Dental

"Perfecting Smiles in Dentistry" is the big idea of this website. By associating a fine cut diamond with the professionalism of K.A. Tan Dental services, the entire website gives the brand a refined exclusve look. Proud to say, this is one of the best copy I have ever written.



Platinum Charters

Platinum Charters is a private luxury yacht charters on Malaysian waters. To paint that picture perfect visuals of the cruise along the coastline, the copy became the moving picture of the scene in the target audience mind. And who says, a picture is worth a thousand words? Words too.


luxury cruise


BIG Landlord Club

BIG Landlord Club is the first low-fee diversified real estate investment for anyone without any limitation. Using the concept of "Earning without Owning", it helps generate passive income without working hard at all. I was assigned to do the copy for the facebook postings which resonate well with the target audience.





I am now a travel columnist in GOASIA PLUS magazine. The story, "Reviving Precious Grandma's Food Gem" was written based on my interview with Junie Hussein, Singapore's Tiffin Lady. And this is my first article in my travel column "LOST & FOUND".


GoAsia Plus