A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

But the pen is also mightier than the sword

To tell a brand story, a beautiful picture or design alone is not enough. Imagine you saw a beautiful piece of jewellery. Could the picture tell how it was made or where it came from? Would you buy it immediately? Definitely not. You’ll want to know more about the story behind this treasure.
Therefore, words matter. Words illustrate what picture alone couldn’t do. But having words is not enough. You can hire the best copywriter in town but can't reach your desired result. You see, copywriting is not just about words. It’s ‘the big idea’, the ability to see things in a fresh, new perspective and turn it into an engaging story.
Words trigger action. They are the integral part of a brand story. Whether it is about your brand, what you do or aim to achieve, a great story connects your brand, the story characters with your audience. People remember a damn good story (or very, very bad and tasteless one). Who could forget Apple and the story of Steve Jobs? Or Alibaba and Jack Ma’s story? Like it or not, storytelling has become the connection-building power and success of a brand.
Franciswriter dot com is more than a copywriting service provider. We are a storyteller and ideas churner. We inject life to brands. We create a moving picture of brands in audience mind. And of course, we help juggle with words that attract search engine crawlers, or prompt your audience into action.
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