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Why go for the ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Why be a plain Jane when you can turn your apron into a Cinderella gown?  That’s right. Franciswriter Dot Com is not your ordinary branding agency. We turn brands from zero to hero.

We create and help communicate your brand story in an engaging and impactful way. Be it offline or online, it’s a whole new integrated brand experience that breaks the norm.

Who says “Jack of all trades is master of none”?

Not with Francis Yip. Well, he is “Jack of all trades, master of all”, having both the gift of gab and the Midas touch in writing. A creative director, copywriter, journalist, host, celebrity manager, PR and event consultant, trainer, actor and more.

His unique, over-the-top fashion sense has always made heads turn in social events. Which is why it’s not surprising he is an award-winning fashionista and creative writer.

Francis kicked off his advertising career as a copywriter 28 years ago. At age 30, he rose from the ranks to be a creative director in renowned ad agencies. To name a few, Akomori Advertising, KHK DMB&B, NewsAd, Bozell Worldwide, Grey Worldwide, SMASCOM and Hayley & Hoyle. His last stint working for a multinational corporation was as a Creative Director in Bloomberg TV Malaysia.

Over the past 3 decades, Francis had created iconic brand stories for a diverse range of clients. Whether it was Adabi, Tourism Malaysia, Inti University College, Citroën, F&N Dairies, SP Setia, Sunway, Microsoft, Hitachi, NEC or Yomeishu, Francis’ wizardry in copywriting has transformed brands into household names. In fact, the maestro of words had experience in TV Commercial shoot in Japan and Singapore.

Apart from advertising, Francis was also the Communication Director for Malaysia Fashion Week 2018 and STYLO Gentlemen’s Weekend. Today he is the founder and CEO of Franciswriter Dot Com.


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