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As an award-winning food and travel writer, Francis Yip with his wizardry in words helps whip up head-turning website content, social media postings, blogs, feature articles and more.

In fact, he is GoAsiaPlus magazine travel and food columnist and has written for Focus Malaysia, Where2 magazine and Travel3Sixty magazine.


Travelogy service gives your audience a descriptive content and insight into your brand and destination. It is not just limited to travel and tour brands but also all brands which need contents as a story and experience that travels in the mind of the target audience.

Anambas Islands, INDONESIA


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Beyond Sun, Sea and Surf

Anambas Islands in GOASIAPLUS travel magazine
Pura Anantha Boga, Banyuwangi, Indonesia in GOASIAPLUS travel magazine


AirAsia's Travel3Sixty Best Article Award 2017

Pattaya at Play

AirAsia's Travel3Sixty Best Article Award 2016